On the Move

On the Move

Shortly, Ron will be finishing up his time in Mbale and moving to Tanzania for the remainder of the year.  Ron would appreciate your prayers for him as he makes this transition.


June 13th (Friday)
– Ron will leave Mbale to go to Kampala to visit with friends and minister.

June 15th (Sunday)
– Ron will preach at a church in Kampala and hopes to be able to meet with clergy to encourage them before heading to Tanzania.

June 21st (Saturday)
– Ron flies to Mwanza in Tanzania on the shore of Lake Victoria where he will be staying with Bishop Sekelwa.

June 24th-28th (Tuesday – Saturday)
– Ron will minister with Bishop Sekelwa at a clergy retreat after which he will spend one or two weeks with Bishop Sekelwa visiting his churches.

July -November
– Sometime in July Ron will travel by bus for 8-9 hrs to Dodoma with Bishop Jackson. He will be living outside of Dodoma at Bishop Jackson’s home until early November when he returns to the US.

Prayer Requests

• Pray for peace and comfort as I’m leaving my friends here in Mbale. As I’ve been thinking about leaving and not knowing when I’ll be coming back, I’m struggling with feelings of turn my back on them.

• Pray for wisdom, God’s leading and blessing in Tanzania as I work to get my bank stuff set up and handle money issues.

• Pray for a supernatural ability to learn Swahili and the culture.

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