God Blows Me Away!

God Blows Me Away!

Last Sunday near Mbale 2014This was my last Sunday with Bishop Gogo so it was a little sad but still good. We went to the small church in Nabumali where Bishop Gogo is going to build his cathedral. This is the church that I’ve preached at the most since I’ve been here both this year and last year. It was starting to feel like my home church here.

I really didn’t preach today. I just shared how much they have come to mean to me and how much they mean to our Father. It was a time of saying goodbye and they were very encouraging with their love for me.

At the end of the service, we had a time to pray for people. A lady that looked very sick and could hardly hold her head up had come into the service late. She was wearing a jacket and could barely keep her eyes open. She came forward for prayer so we asked, “What’s wrong?” Have you ever had one of those times when you wished that you hadn’t asked the question? Well, this was one of those times for me. She was pregnant and having problems, very severe problems, like needing to be in the hospital right now problems. If we had been in America, I would have been taking her to the hospital and would have prayed on the way.

Well, we didn’t even have a way to take her so we kind of had to pray for her. I started thinking, “She’s going to be OK but she sure doesn’t look OK.” So being a great man of faith, I started thinking that it was just wishful thinking. Then I was just hoping she didn’t die! We got through praying and she went back to her seat looking worse not better. Then for some reason, maybe denial, I forgot about her. We finished up, took a few photos and we were getting our stuff together when Bishop Gogo called out to me. He pointed at Yvonne, the lady we prayed for. YvonneShe was sitting up, her head was up, her eyes were open and she looked a lot better! She said she felt fine now like it was no big deal, like this is normal or something!!! I feel OK now. See you later. I’m going home to cook!!!! Are you kidding me?!!!!

Wow, when God shows up, He just blows me away with this stuff!!!

Pretty good Pentecost Sunday in Nabumali!!!!!!!

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