Lord, Have Mercy!

Lord, Have Mercy!

Friday, April 4th was one of those days that was interesting right from the start. While I was having my morning coffee, Bishop Gogo tells me that we have a couple coming to be prayed for this morning. So I’m pretty pumped thinking, “That will be a really cool way to start my day.”

As they arrive, I see a husband, wife and four children. The oldest child is maybe seven, the youngest maybe around one. They all look pretty tired with their heads kind of hanging down and eyes downcast. I ask Bishop what they need prayer for, wondering what kind sickness they were suffering from. We talk with them for a minute without them looking up then Bishop explains to me that they are being oppressed by demons!!!!!!

I thought that I was going to be praying for them to be healed of something, not deliverance!!!!! It’s not even 9:00 o’clock in the morning yet!!! Well, that sure gets me to praying right quick!! “Lord, have mercy! What do you do at 9:00 o’clock in the morning and you’ve barely finished your coffee? Well, thank you Jesus, I have finished my coffee! But even without my coffee, I think that I would be bugged eyed and wide awake now!!!!!!”

So I to go to slinging holy water everywhere, praying and anointing everybody with oil. Once I have everybody wet and slick, we go to it for real. After praying for the breaking of spells, hexes, curses and everything else I can think of using the prayer Bishop Chuck used while he was here, I notice that everybody looks better. They are now sitting up and more important, they are looking up and making eye contact. Following a little instruction on repentance and praying together each morning and evening for God’s protection, they leave with smiles, thanking us for the prayers!!!!!

Wow, it’s not even 9:30 am yet!!!!!

Thankfully the rest of the day was a little less in-your-face and get-your-act-together. Bishop Gogo had a clergy meeting that started at around 11:00 am. The meeting was for me to encourage them to keep going after God. I spoke for about 30 minutes and then we had some question and answer time. They had great questions about CEC for life, the taking of birth control pills and the killing of the unborn. After that, they made plans for the upcoming ordinations of the guys that I worked with last year.

At that point, I had to run in to town to get some copies of the CEC calendar so they would have the readings for the next three months. When I got back, I found out that they had decided that we should visit the church up on the mountain that we had visited last year. You know. The one that just about killed me!

People always want to know what they can pray about for me. So, here you go. I’m going to need all the help and prayer that I can get. I think that it’s time for me to get serious about doing some walking and trying to get in shape but I only have about two or three weeks to work on it. I may be in serious trouble here! You know the old saying about don’t let your mouth over load your rear end? Well, Bishop Gogo’s mouth may have just over loaded my rear end!!!!!!!! Sure hope that the old lady will loan me her walking stick again.

The day started off interesting and now it ends with a little bit of something for me to look forward to with mounting terror.

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  1. Your overarching ecclesiastical assignment is to overcome the works of the devil, Dcn. Ron. There currently is no shortage of work in that department. I am overjoyed that you were learning what to do while Bp. Chuck was there with you. A person never knows what education will come in handy.
    I miss you greatly and think of you whenever I cast a fly. Do be sure to fish when you get to Hombolo.

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