Settling into Africa-Normal

Settling into Africa-Normal

It’s been a month since I arrived in Africa. I am now back in Mbala, Uganda. It was good to get back and see the friends that I made last year. There have been a lot of changes in just the four and a half months since I left but there is still a lot that is the same.

After spending two weeks with Bishop Chuck and the AWESOME team that he brought here, my life has finally slowed down to normal, normal for Africa that is. Now I get to go and visit the churches that we went to while Bishop and the team were here. Sunday, I preached at the last church that we visited in Uganda. The Lord is still doing some pretty cool things with this church. The pastor (Michael, who will be ordained in May) was bitten by a snake a few days after the team left. (Now that’s what you call an attack by the enemy!!!!) Through the grace of God, two young men were able to get him to a clinic where he got some help. He was in pretty bad shape by the time they got him there, but just a week and a half later he showed NO ILL AFFECTS from the snake bite. He led the service and was hopping all around and dancing during worship!!!!! Now that’s cool where ever you are! If I stub my toe, I ride that pity-me-horse for at least a month.

So here are some prayer requests:
• Pray for all the church’s that Bishop and the team ministered at while they were here. The enemy will try to undo all the that the Holy Spirit did with them and discourage them any way that he can in order to steal their new faith and excitement that they have in Christ.
• Pray for me that I will have words to fan the flames of revival that has been started in their hearts.

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You are in my prayers.

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