Testimonies and Trivia

Testimonies and Trivia

This Sunday, the 5th Sunday of Lent, we went back to the church in Nabumali. It is the second church that we went to outside of Mbala when Bishop Chuck and the team were here. While we were vesting, Bishop Gogo ask me if there was a scripture that I would like them to read for me since I was the preacher for the day. I should have known that I might be called on to preach but you just never know. I thanked him for letting me know so far ahead of time so I would be prepared!!!! I decided to go with Acts 4:23-31 and started to pray.

Near Mbala LadiesDuring the course of the service different people shared about what God had done for them. One of the ladies told us how God had healed her leg that had been hurting her for a long time after someone from the team prayed for her. She is still healed and she is having no pain or discomfort. I think that’s pretty cool! She is the lady that’s second from the left in the photo. I have no idea who prayed for her, so if one of the team members remembers her let me know.

The Lord began to put together a word for this church as they testified. This lady’s healing wasn’t exactly like the healing of the man lame from birth in Acts 3, but it’s similar. So all I did was take the story of Peter and John in Acts 3 & 4 and put the things that they had shared into that story, focusing on 4:23-31. It’s a lot of fun when the Holy Spirit just gives you stuff like that!

And I’ll end with a bit of trivia. I now have a new way of describing traveling in a taxi van. In motorcycle road racing, they use terms to explain how they lean on their bikes as they go around corners. The terms are along the lines of, half-butt, quarter-butt and so on, which is how much of their rear end is still on the seat as they lean off of their bikes going around corners. If you see a picture taken from behind, you will understand what that means.

On the way home, our 14 passenger van had about 22 people in it. So, four of us were sharing a three-person seat for that Sunday afternoon ride home together. I found myself on the end of the seat that had about a foot of room between the seat and the door so I was riding half-butt all the way. What can I say? This is Africa. You just have to love it!

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