Smiles at the End of the Road

Smiles at the End of the Road

Today 11/14, I visited the school were Bishop Iraka is the head teacher. This the P1 through P6, P7 have taken their exams and are gone.  The drive there was on a long dirt road that isn’t used for much so it was a decent dirt road.  So worth the drive to see these smiling faces!

Tonight we go back to the church in the middle of the cane field for another healing and deliverance service.  You haven’t really lived until you are in the middle of a huge cane field in Africa at 9:00 at night with only-God-knows type of deliverance opportunities waiting for you.

But in the midst of it all, it truly is an honor to be here and to pray for people.  A little boy gave me an amazing gift with a note saying that the doctors hadn’t been able to help him and he was hoping I could.  What else can I say?

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