Kampala Adventures

Kampala Adventures

Since I didn’t post before I left, some of you may not know that I am in Uganda to prepare details for a team trip. I left Wednesday 4/24/19 and the team arrives 4/30/19.

My most important task is to hire a bus and driver. I checked out things when I was in Uganda in the fall so this should be no problem, right? Nope! But that’s what makes it such an adventure…and a good story to tell.

Travel was as good as two long international flights get but my seats were good. I arrived into Entebbe as scheduled and was met as planned! When asked if I was doing a happy dance since I arrived safely, my reply was, “My happy dance will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m too tired tonight.”

First day in Kampala: I’m not staying at the house I thought after all. They are doing one of those pre-wedding deals for one of their daughters tomorrow, Saturday, so the house is full and crazy.

Alexa came to pick me this afternoon around 1:00 and it was quite a day. There is an exchange and bank just a few blocks from were I’m staying. Exchanging money went well but Alexa needed to deposit their money and that did not go well, two hours.

The guy with the bus met us at the office but the bus was a dud. He said that he knew a guy that had a good 35 but if we needed to see it that we need to go now. He might not be around and the bus might not be available tomorrow to lease. The bus was across town from the office.

So, it’s now getting to rush hour. Which, have you ever wondered why do they call it rush hour? Your not going anywhere fast or in a rush. Anyway Alexa, says that the only way that we can get there in time, which I didn’t realize that time had ANY meaning in Africa, is to take a bodaboda.

So off we go through the middle of Kampala, it was a trip. Alexa thinks that riding a bodaboda and having cars, taxi vans and other bodas bumping into your legs is just normal everyday life. I had to think small and keep my arms tucked in as we drove between trucks and buses. I think that I have paint marks on my knees and elbows. The second bus was worse than the first.

So we final get back to the hotel that I’m staying at about 9:30 pm. Which by the way, riding a bodaboda at night through Kampala is crazy; even crazier than driving at night without headlights in Bundibugyo because it lasts a lot longer and you have no protection. In spite of the bodaboda rides, we live to fight another day.

Since I spent most of my day fearing for my life, I didn’t get a chance to get a SIM card but that is now at the top of my list for tomorrow then on to bus hunting. Or is it a wild goose chase? I’m not sure. We have a line on one that’s supposed be like new. That’s the same thing that the last guy said so….

Oh and just to be sure that I remember that I’m In Christ, when I got to my room I had no lights; had electricity, just no lights. But God’s mercy never ends so a guy came to put two new bulbs in! Now I have lights!!

Goodnight, it’s after 11:35 pm here.

PS Everyone at this hotel calls me reverend so I have to be on my best behavior.

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