Prayer Requests 08/08/13

Prayer Requests 08/08/13

Prayer Requests
1) Bishop Gogo has scheduled me to go to several churches to speak about the ICCEC and what we believe. I will also be traveling to participate in several crusades with Bishop Gogo in addition to the deacon training sessions I’ve already mentioned. Please pray for me as I prepare.
2) Our churches in this area do not have the liturgy in their language so pray that God will make a way to have a service booklet translated into their language and printed.
3) The transformer has malfunctioned in the area so Bishop Gogo’s house is on sketchy solar power only. We are blessed to have solar power but many do not. Please pray that power is restored.
4) Our internet provider is having problems so my access is very inconsistent. Please pray for constant Internet service.

Thank you for your prayers. I greatly appreciate them and they really do make a difference.

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