On the Road to Kanungu

On the Road to Kanungu

Headed to western Uganda for ordinations this Sunday.  We plan to come back the 12th.   I hope to see some gorillas.  We will almost be in Biwinda and Bishop Yusto is hoping to set it up so we can see some.
If you look at the map we will be in the very southwest part of Uganda in the town of Kanungu just south and west of Rukungiri.  When we leave Kampala we will follow around the edge of Lake Victoria until we get to Masakathen.  We will then turn west to Lyantonde, then on to Mbarara, from there to Ntungamo, then to Rukungiri, then to Kanungu.  Its going to be a long trip but we will be with Bishop Lobogo who has a car instead of going by bus.
I will be crossing the equator so that will be cool.  I’ll try to get a picture at the equator.  Bishop Gogo says that they have it set up to see that on one side of the equator water goes around to the right an on the other side it goes to the left just a few feet apart.  If I can, I’ll video that for sure.
A bit more information than you really wanted, but I thought that a blow by blow of the travel would make it sound like a real adventure !!!!!! 🙂

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