Pray for Congo Refugees

Pray for Congo Refugees

100_2464Bsp. Muhindo, A CEC Bishop from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that I met at Bsp. Hannington’s anniversary (2012), had to flee rebels and is now in Bundibugyo, Uganda with Bishop Hannington. He and his family are now refuges among the estimated 60,000 that have fled to Uganda.

Please keep them in your prayers.  It is pretty bad.


Here is part of an email sent by Fr. Scott who knows more details:

Recently a rebel group called the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have fought Ugandan and Congolese military in east DR Congo. This week the ADF began occupying the the Watalinga area where our bishop, The Most Reverend Jaques Muhindo, lives and ministers. Townspeople fled their homes Thursday night as the rebels approached. I received a text from Bp Muhindo that his wife, three young daughters and he were fleeing to the boarder with Uganda. They carried what belongings they could. The family settled with other refugees at the border and Bishop Muhindo traveled to Bundibugyo to secure housing for his family.

Our Bishop Hannington Bahemuka lives in Bundibugyo and has been housing refugees in his two schools. He reported to prayer supporters that food is very limited and facilities are overburdened by the mass of people. Estimates range from 30,000 to 60,000 refugees who have fled eastern DR Congo into Uganda.

Despite their hardship, Bishop Muhindo and his clergy are still holding confirmations. He is anxious to return to his diocese to assess the state of his village, parishioners’ homes and several projects.

Here is a news report on a Ugandan TV network on the situation:

Over the years that I worked with the IDA, I have watched Archdeacon then Bishop Jacques sacrifice his own time and money many times to serve Bishop Kabonabe in his illness, Bishop Sylvain in an imprisonment, the Church in DRC and the ICCEC in Africa.

Please pray in your churches tomorrow for Bishop Jacques, his wife and three daughters and our brethren in DRC. They continue to labor for the Lord in this rough part of the world.

Yours in Him,
Fr Scott

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