First Sunday Preaching

First Sunday Preaching

Bumatofu Church

Whew, Sunday was a long day.  We left home for a 2 mile bodaboda (motorcycle) ride just to get a taxivan to go another 20 miles to get to the Bumatofu church.  We had between 25 to 30 people inside the van and some on top, I think about 4 or 6.   It was crazy, hot and a long, long, dusty ride; about an hour and a half.  It was a heck of a lot of people and of course the driver drove as fast also he could.  A one point there was a third of me (arm, shoulder, half my head) hanging out the window!!!!!   TIA (This Is Africa) for sure.

Church was awesome.  When I spoke to the clergy on Saturday, I spoke a little on what Bishop Chuck has been sharing about loving The Lord with all your heart, etc….  I was asking The Lord what I should share but was not hearing anything so Sunday morning I looked up the readings.   Of course, the gospel was Luke 10:25-37, on loving The Lord with all our heart, so that was what I preached!!!   After my message, a lady that was visiting shared that the same message had been preached at the church that she was attended last Sunday.   I really felt that God was trying to speak this word to all His People!!!!   Blew me away!!!!

The ride home was worse.   The van broke a spring in the rear plus you could feel the tires flopping around as we went over bumps!!!!   The clergy from Bumatofu called to make sure that we got home safely, even they were worried for us.  Thank God for their prayers!!!!

Oh by the way, I’m have the time of my LIFE but don’t forget to pray for me.  When your brains are bring beat out in a taxivan you sometimes wonder for a moment if you are in the right place.  It’s sometimes hard to know if you are really make a difference or even if you are really encouraging anybody.

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