Log Entry: Thursday 10/11/2018

Log Entry: Thursday 10/11/2018

In the morning at breakfast, I find out that we will be going to Rwentobo to meet up with Rev. Medad at the World Shine school. This is the place that Bishop Jones took a team last spring so I finally have some idea of where I am at.

It’s a pretty good ride from Kabwobe to Rwentobo so we get there around 1:00 pm and catch up with Rev. Medad at the school for a few minutes. He was still involved in meetings so we head off to the hotel for a little rest until around 5:00 pm when I’ll be speaking with the staff at the school.

5:00 rolls around  and I meet with around 25 teachers to talk about the importance of them being filled with the Holy Spirit and leading their students into a spirit-filled relationship with Jesus.

Finally, I’m back to the hotel for dinner and a night’s rest. Tomorrow I get to speak to the students.

The hotel I’m staying at is a small resort. It sits on the side of a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley. The view is stunning!

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