Log Entry: Friday 10/12/2018

Log Entry: Friday 10/12/2018

Friday, we had a great time with the students and I got the grand tour of the school. All in all it’s a very nice school.

We have lunch and head back to Kabwobe where I’m supposed to speak at a all night prayer service at 10:00 that night. We lost the Reverend.  He has family in the Rwentobo area so he was spending a few days with his family.

We get back to Kabwobe in time for a little rest at the hotel before going to dinner. By the time we eat dinner it’s pretty late so we head over to where they are having the prayer meeting.  When we pasted the church I was a little surprised but this is Africa, so I never really know what’s going on. We go just pass the church to a school that has a large enclosed courtyard. It’s a really large court yard and it’s full of people a whole lot of people!!!!! There’s somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 people at this thing, and they have been here for a couple of hours worshiping and listening to different speakers.

Rev. Gordon is speaking when we get there and when he finishes they set up for Holy Communion at a little past 10, so I’m thinking that I’m off the hook for the night. TIA, NOPE it doesn’t work that way. At 12:00 am I’m its my turn to  preach.  I preach about the faithfulness of God and fanning the flames of revival. Seems like I’ve heard that statement somewhere.

At 1:30 am they show me mercy and send me back to the hotel, most of the people stayed all night. Now about this time, I’m wondering what in the world am I doing here.  These folks need to speaking into my life, and I suppose that they are by their very lives. It’s very humbling to be with such hungry Christians.

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