Back to My Africa

Back to My Africa

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m trying to type this on my first public bus ride of 2014. We are trying to get out of Kampala where the traffic is really heavy so we are doing a lot of stopping and starting. But, I’m headed back to Mbale so that makes it not too bad.

Bishop Chuck and the team left this morning at 1:10 am so now I’m on my own. It was awesome traveling with them for two weeks! We put in long days praying for people and saw so many healed that it was mind blowing. Ninety to ninety nine percent of the people that we prayed for were healed!!!!! I know that that sounds unbelievable but we would tell them not say that they where healed if they were not. We saw at least six Muslims give their lives to Jesus and a witchdoctor, who is very well known in the Jinja area as a witchdoctor. He went on local TV and radio to give his testimony. Now that’s cool.

We saw the lame walk, eyes healed, hearing restored, every kind of headache and ache and pain that you can imagine healed, and people set free. We feel like that there were between a 1,000 to 1,500 people healed!  Maybe even more.

Bishop Yusto was healed of diabetes. He went to the doctors the day after we prayed for him. They tested him three times but could find no signs of diabetes!!!!!!! Oh yea, he almost died last month and was in the hospital for 2 or 3 weeks because of the diabetes!!!

I preached at Bishop Yustos church in Kampala this morning where I shared about our trip and how God was healing people. We had a time of prayer and God showed up, stretched froth His hand, and healed almost every one that I prayed for that needed healing!!!!!!

Have I told you lately that I’m the luckiest and most blessed guy in the world? Well, I am for sure.

Tanzania was awesome and I’m already looking forward to going back in July. As we got close to Dodoma, my heart was jumping out of chest with excitement. I think God has some blessings and really cool stuff for me there. Once the pictures get uploaded to flicker, you will have check them out. Tanzania is stunning!

I love Africa but it is a very hard place that wears on you without brothers and sisters having your back in the spiritual warfare that’s just a part of being here. Thanks for the prayers! They mean more to me and help more than you will ever know.

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  1. You are a blessed man, Deacon Ron. I miss you already and if I weren’t up to my eyes in alligators here, I might have time to envy you a bit. Yes, the miracles were attesting signs that God loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives. It is always humbling to be involved in the Kingdom of God. he is so big and we are so small.

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