TIA Update

TIA Update

July 5, 2013
Well, I’m getting to the end of my third week in Africa. I’m still in Kampala but by Gods grace I will be going to Mbale on Monday or Tuesday. Nothing goes like you plan, TIA. The reason I’m still in Kampala is I’ve been trying to get my banking straightened out so I can get money transferred to my account here. I take back everything that I’ve ever said about banks in America!!!!!! I finally got my transfer to go through.

The weather here has been great not too hot maybe mid 80 to low 90, cools off at night so it’s easy to sleep.

Here are some pictures of the girls home in Entebbe.photo_1Girls home Entebbe beds

These girls are 15 to 18 and they all are in school. Caleb is able to find sponsors for each girl that allows them to keep going to school. With out sponsors they would not be able to go to school, have a place to live or food to eat. They are all orphans. I got to share a little about Gods love for them and how they are the treasures of heaven. What beautiful treasures they are!!!!!!

I’ve enjoyed my time here with Caleb but I’m ready to get to Mbale and see what God has for me there.
Please keep me in your prayers.
Deacon Ron

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