Salvation and Healing in Jinja, Uganda

Salvation and Healing in Jinja, Uganda

It’s been a long day but a great day! I’m very tired but pumped.  We had a lot of healings!

At our first meeting in Jinja, Uganda, a lady came that was bent way over, both her back and knees were bent. She could barely walk or see and had not been able sit in a chair for four years. She received prayer and was healed!!!!!! She could see and started walking totally up right. She even walked over and sat down in a chair. She came leaning on a walking stick and left without it, riding on the back of a bodaboda (motorcycle)!!!!!!

I also guarded the van while the driver ate and got to play tickle with a bunch of the kids. Now that was fun!

Women's Meeting Jinja 2014 03At our second meeting, (which was a lady’s meeting but we prayed for everybody there) a man ask me to pray for him and said that he was a Muslim. So I ask him what I could pray for him about and he said that he wanted to become a Christian!!!!!!  NOW, THAT’S WAY COOL!!!!!  I explained the gospel to him and he asked Jesus into his heart and asked The Lord to forgive him of all his sins. 

Now that’s a good beginning for this year in Africa!!!!!

Please, keep praying.

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