Revival Fires Burning in Jinja

Revival Fires Burning in Jinja

Jinja church 2014 2Sunday, May 25, 2014 we visited Holy Trinity Church in Bufuula, Uganda north of Jinja in The Source of the Nile Diocese. This is one of the churches that Archbishop Jones and the team visited in March. We saw God move in power with many people being healed so I was anxious to get back to see if the fires of revival where still burning.

The church normally has around 100-120 for Sunday service but there had just been two deaths in the surrounding area so a lot of the church members had gone to comfort the families. They are a church that is growing and making an impact in the surrounding area and the people are still praising the Lord for all that He did during the team’s visit.

The team prayed for an old lady that could barely walk and was no longer able to cook or take care of her family. Her husband was there praising God because He had healed her. Now she can walk fine and is able to cook and take care of their home. He is very happy to be getting good meals again!

I asked about another old lady that the team had prayed for who could barely walk and was bent way, way over leaning on a stick. God had touched her and she was healed, started walking upright, threw away her walking stick and rode off on a motorcycle. The pastor of the church told me that she is still doing great and still walking upright with out the help of a stick! Now that is cool.

Jinja song bookThe service was awesome! The worship was great. They have old hymn books in their own language and they love to sing. With the men singing, it was awesome! Since we had two Bishops, Bishop Lubogo and Bishop Gogo, the service was four and a half hours long.

As the guest preacher at a service that has already been going on for three to three and a half hours, who was already wet from sweating and getting hotter by the minute, I sure wanted to shorten up my homily! It was a bright sunny day so the church, which has a metal roof, was heating up. When I stood up I felt like my brain was frying. I was trying to figure out how to preach lying down!

(Right now their building is made of mud with a metal roof but they own their land and have plans to build a brick and concrete building. They already have a few materials. Please keep them in your prayers.)

As you know, the Lord very rarely lets me take the easy route so I didn’t get to lay down or shorten my homily, instead I think that it may have even been a little longer than I had planned. My word was on abiding in Him in order to have sustainable revival and to be able to walk in signs and wonders, seeing God performing miracles of healing in their church. I touched on a few other things and then collapsed back in my chair needing water! Now I was thinking that if they were half as hot as I was, they must be hating me by now. It was going on two o’clock and you could not only fry eggs on the metal roof but you would burn bacon if you weren’t careful!

I think that the Lord must have blessed my word because they seemed to like it. A few people even had something to share about what I had said and the service last another 30-45 minutes.

We left home at 7:00 in the morning and got home at 6:00 that night. A long but a good day.

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