Log Entry: Wednesday 10/10/18 Part 1

Log Entry: Wednesday 10/10/18 Part 1

Well Tuesday (10/9/18) night, I went to bed early so I could get a little sleep before we had to leave at 5:00 am for Kabwobe, which is actually southwest, TIA.   That plan didn’t work out too well because there seems to be something in a closet in my room that has a very dusty smell. Kampala is unbelievably dusty in general but this in my room gave me a dry cough, which meant I spent Tuesday night coughing instead of sleeping. Somewhere around 3-3:30 am, I finally pasted out. Man, 4:30 am sure did come early!

In the morning when I was ready, I went out front where Rev. Medad informed me that he had something that he had to do in Kampala so he would not be going with me for the first part of this trip which would last through Sunday.  (I don’t think that Medad sleeps!)  There would just be me, the driver, and another friend, a reverend. In the Anglican Church in Uganda they don’t use the terms father or priest, they use the term reverend and pastor. I would meet this reverend for the first time on the way when we stopped to pick him up.

As we were leaving the house, I was feeling very left-alone as we started out on a 5 day trip with just my driver, who by the way is awesome!  I’m sure that I owe my life to him but I’m not sure exactly how many times or when they all were…but I’m pretty sure that he did it more times than I’m aware of.

So we take off on African time, 5:40 am.  As I get in the van, it’s impossible not to notice that there is a woman and two kids in the back of the van. What the heck?  I decide not ask questions figuring that the less I know the better off that I’d be. Here we go.  I settle in for what’s supposed to be a 5 hour drive.  Ten minutes later, we stop and the driver begins beeping the horn for our next passenger the Reverend. Now I’m hoping that we will finally be on our way but this is Africa so who knows? It’s now 6:00 am. Off we go.

Somewhere in Kampala, the heck if I have any idea where, we pull over and the women in the back jumps out and leaves the kids! I’m NOT going to ask questions. I’m afraid of the answer that I might get. For all I know they could now be my responsibility!!!!! I’m believing, really believing, not.

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