Log Entry: 11/12/18 Masindi

Log Entry: 11/12/18 Masindi

I’m on the way from Hoima to Masindi this morning.  This is our car.

Notice the rear is sitting all the way down.  No one is in the car because we broke down just outside of Hoima. The car just died and won’t start. This has the makings of quiet an adventure. At least we’re not in the middle of nowhere.


We get the car fixed and finally make it to Masindi. Thought we were in trouble when we got stuck but another guy that was having car trouble helps us out.  We get unstuck and through a bad spot. We had bottomed the car out and were sitting on the fame.

I’m supposed to preach at a healing and deliverance service tonight, Tuesday, and Wednesday night. I’ll visit schools and hospitals during the day.  I’m scheduled to teach on evangelism all-day on Thursday and half day on Friday. Also, I’ll be going to a church on Friday for some baptisms.  Saturday, I speak at a school, a Eucharist service and a radio show.  Am I a celeb now?

I spoke at St. John’s Secondary School in the Masindi and now taking a short break to straighten out my phone and internet.  I’ll leave shortly for the healing and deliverance service.

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