I’m Clean! I’m Clean!!

I’m Clean! I’m Clean!!

After leaving the Equator we road on 100 miles of dusty, red dirt roads (especially dusty since it hasn’t rained) with a driver that felt the need to drive faster and faster as the day went on. We arrived safely at the home of Dr. Hamlet (great family!) to discover that the water line to that whole area had been broken. Not the best news for a muzunga (white guy) that is covered with red African dirt but TIA.

Clean or NOT we arrived for the consecration of the new building for Church of Christ the Messiah, Kanungh, Uganda. Two hours into Sunday’s 6 hour service we were still introducing people (more on the service later) and I kept thinking were just about to get to the gospel reading. I arrived back at the house and…no water to wash the dirt off so Sunday night I was off the the radio program in a very…well, let’s just say a very African state.

Monday we traveled back to Caleb’s in Kampala and WATER so now I’M CLEAN! Thank God I’m clean!

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