Worship through Eucharist

Worship through Eucharist

CommunionA little wine, a little bread and a heart that’s open to the Holy Spirit and then I’m caught up into the worship of heaven. Christ is before me in His Body and Blood. Now, as I enter into the worship, it’s no longer about me, it’s all about Him, what He has done and what He is doing. This is where I become still, really still, my heart opens and becomes quiet. Now I know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that He is God!!!

Bsp. Gogo and I have been working on putting together service outlines that include the Eucharist; one for the deacons to follow and one for the priests. We have a lady typing it up then the next step will be to have it translated.  Please pray for the translation.  It is a critical part of making the Eucharist a meaningful, weekly experience in our CEC parishes here.

Also, we have purchased material for altar linens; 3 pieces all white.  Pray for the right person to sew for the altar.

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