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About Me


Deacon Ron in Africa

Deacon Ron in Africa





I am an Alabama boy who loves Jesus and is serving Him as a deacon in the Charismatic Episcopal Church.  Sounds pretty fancy but don’t let the title fool you, I’m just an old hippie without drugs, at heart a biker without tattoos and a drinking problem and a surf/beach bum without waves or a board. But I still like the wind in my face, the freedom of the wave, the rush of the road and being just a little bit different than the rest of the world.  Get the picture?

Well, what does an ol’ hippie, biker, surf/beach bum who loves Jesus do when retirement knocks on the door.  You guessed it!  Head for Africa.  In 2013, I retired from being a gainfully employed carpenter, sold my motorcycle and gave away most of my “stuff” in order to go to Africa; not to do any grand, noble thing, just to experience God at work in this amazing place with these wonderful people.  What an adventure!  (Especially when you consider that motorcycle riding has a whole different meaning here!)

For my first “tour”, I am based in Mbale, Uganda where I am living and working with the Reverend Bishop Francis Gogo.  I am doing whatever God opens up for me; from teaching to radio shows to climbing mountains.  And can I say that this ol’ hippie, biker, carpenter, artist…has none, zero, nada, of the mountain climbing skills these people have!

Oh, for those of you who ask, “What organization did he go with?”  I serve under the authority of the ICCEC and Archbishop Chuck Jones in Selma, AL and it’s just me hanging out with God, Bishops, and anyone else that wants to talk.

More to come….

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