Prayer Request 8/14/13

Prayer Request 8/14/13

The cathedral that Bishop Yustos built was torn down by a Bishop in another denomination. Bishop Yustos has won three cases in court and has one more to go. Please pray that justice is done and that they can recover the cost of the building in order to build another cathedral.

Keep me in prayer this coming weekend (8/10/13). We are doing a crusade up in the mountains on Saturday. It sounds like it’s going to be a long climb so pray I don’t die half way up this mountain and my friends have carry me down. And the biggie is that I’m going to be the preacher for this thing. It’s been 40 years since I’ve done something like this so pray that my translator is a good preacher and covers for me.

Keep me in prayer for the next month, as well. Bishop has me doing 3 or 4 crusades plus teaching 5 guys about what being a deacon is all about (training will be two three-day sessions) plus I’ve got go to a house of Bishops meeting.

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