Log Entry: Sunday 11/4/18 20th Anniversary

Log Entry: Sunday 11/4/18 20th Anniversary

Sun, Nov 4

Well today is the big day celebration for 20 years in the CEC.

Yesterday, I was supposed to stay in Bundibugyo to talk to the clergy but it began to rain early and in rainy season that means the clergy are not able to get here.  (It’s raining every day, 2-3 times a day.) Instead, I went with Bishop Hannington and Bishop Gogo to Busunga and got to pray for the p7 class at Mt. Zion school. I stayed in last night to rest and try to get caught up on my writing which let all the bishops hangout together without translating for me.

Today is Sunday and almost all the Ugandan CEC Bishops are here.  It makes for quite a procession!

There are so many visitors to be introduced and say something that, two hours into the celebration, visitors are still being introduced.  It’s a 5½ hour service, rain and all.

There is always food at every event and this is no exception. The reception was supposed to be outside but about half way through the rain starts up again so everybody grabs their food and piles back inside the church.  It resembles a Chinese fire drill. An hour a half later I final make it back to the hotel. It was a long day and I can’t wait to sleep.  Praying there are no goats or roosters tonight.


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