Log Entry: Sunday 10/14/18

Log Entry: Sunday 10/14/18

It’s Sunday morning and time to preach the first of two sermons after being twenty minutes late, even though we are staying only about four blocks from the church. TIA. Between 800-900 people were here when we arrived, around 150-200 of them are children so that’s pretty cool. I preached on Christ in you the hope of glory. This is the word that I’m preaching everywhere I go. I have no idea if I’ve preached a good sermon or not, so if everyone seems to be getting into it, I figure that the translator is fixing all of my opps! The Rev. Medad was my translator so I think he preached a pretty good sermon.

After service it’s time to shake hands. Have you ever shook hands with 800 people, literally? Every kid wants to shake the mazunga’s (white guys) hand, and so does everyone else.  Gees, I feel like a politician. So glad I don’t have to kiss the babies !!!!!

Break time!! Time for a banana and a cup of tea, just barely, and on to the second service. Oh my gosh, now we have over nine hundred people here and about twenty are decked out in their college graduation gowns along with two of their professors! It’s not like I need more things to intimidate me!!!! Well it’s His story not mine, and besides my translator is a good preacher.

I made it through the service and between the translator and the Holy Spirit it seemed to go well.  After the service, I find out that I’ll be taken a bus with the Reverend who talks a lot (Rev. TAL for short) (He is a really great guy, I’m just and introvert.) because a friend of Rev. Medad’s has died unexpectedly.  The friend’s funeral is between Rwentobo and Karbala so he is staying for the funeral.

It’s me and Rev. TAL on a bus for a 5-6 hour bus ride back to Kampala. Of course first, we have to do lunch and it’s almost two o’clock, we have a hour to eat, and 1 ½ hour drive to the next town so that we can catch a bus that goes straight to Kampala, Well, kind of straight, at least we won’t have to change buses.  By the time we do all of this it’s almost 6 pm before we are on the bus and on our way. Now I have to say that this is the nicest bus I’ve ever been on in Africa, so this bus ride was not normal! Everything was pretty good, just a long 6 hours. The good news is that I’ll get a day of rest on Monday and then spend Tuesday with Caleb a friend here in Kampala, before I catch my next bus to Mbala to spend a few days with my old friend Bishop Gogo.

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