Going Back

Going Back

Daily Eucharist at CTK in Selma
Daily Eucharist at CTK in Selma, AL

I’ve been in the US for three months and it’s been the fastest three months of my life!  I’ve spent most of my time in Atlanta with my family and in Selma with Bishop Chuck. My time in Selma has been a time of learning and I’ve been growing and receiving much from the Lord.  It is exactly where I needed to be to prepare for this next year in Africa but as I’ve started getting ready to go back, I have realized there are many people that I haven’t seen or spend as much time with as I had planned.

This is where I need to ask your forgiveness for not being more intentional about getting with you. I had wanted to spend one-on-one time with everyone but somehow my time has slipped away. It’s hard to believe that I’ll be going back to Africa in just ONE MONTH!

I’ll be leaving on March 2nd for Uganda to prepare to greet Bishop Chuck and his team that will be arriving a week later.  I’ll be joining the team and ministering with them in Uganda and Tanzania for about 2 weeks.  Afterwards, I’ll be back in Mbale for a few months and then I will be going to Tanzania for the last few months before I come back to the US on November 9th. I also hope to make a visit to our brothers and sisters in Rwanda at some point during the year.

As always, I ask for your prayers as I continue my pursuit of God. You are all in my prayers and my prayer for you is that you would hear Him drawing you and that you would run after Him (Song of Songs 1:4).

Your brother and fellow labor in Christ
Deacon Ron

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