This morning three goats decided to wake me up at 3:00 am.  I have now put goats in the same category at rosters!!

I will be winding up my visits to the small churches near the reed swamps and headed back to the “big city” of Jinja on Tuesday (10/30/18).

Your continued prayers are appreciated.

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Sunday Morning 10/28/2018

Sunday morning worship in a church in Bsp. Lubogo’s diocese.

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Travel Update

I’m about 1 1/2 weeks behind in posting so I wanted to let you know that today (10/24/18) I am traveling by bus from Mbale to Jinja, one day ahead of schedule. Also, I was originally spending the last 2 weeks in Hoima but I will now split my time with about one week in Masindi and one week in Hoima. All subject to change of course.
Thanks for your prayers.

Travel Map
I’ve been to Entebbe, Kampala, then down almost to Kabale, then back to Kampala, up to Mbale and a missionary diocese not named on this map, now to Jinja. I then will head west through Ft. Portal to Bundibugyo, then up to Masindi and then Hoima, which is close to Masindi before returning to Kampala and flighing out of Entebbe. I will have come close to every bordering country except South Sudan!

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Log Entry: Sunday 10/14/18

It’s Sunday morning and time to preach the first of two sermons after being twenty minutes late, even though we are staying only about four blocks from the church. TIA. Between 800-900 people were here when we arrived, around 150-200 of them are children so that’s pretty cool. I preached on Christ in you the hope of glory. This is the word that I’m preaching everywhere I go. I have no idea if I’ve preached a good sermon or not, so if everyone seems to be getting into it, I figure that the translator is fixing all of my opps! The Rev. Medad was my translator so I think he preached a pretty good sermon.

After service it’s time to shake hands. Have you ever shook hands with 800 people, literally? Every kid wants to shake the mazunga’s (white guys) hand, and so does everyone else.  Gees, I feel like a politician. So glad I don’t have to kiss the babies !!!!!

Break time!! Time for a banana and a cup of tea, just barely, and on to the second service. Oh my gosh, now we have over nine hundred people here and about twenty are decked out in their college graduation gowns along with two of their professors! It’s not like I need more things to intimidate me!!!! Well it’s His story not mine, and besides my translator is a good preacher.

I made it through the service and between the translator and the Holy Spirit it seemed to go well.  After the service, I find out that I’ll be taken a bus with the Reverend who talks a lot (Rev. TAL for short) (He is a really great guy, I’m just and introvert.) because a friend of Rev. Medad’s has died unexpectedly.  The friend’s funeral is between Rwentobo and Karbala so he is staying for the funeral.

It’s me and Rev. TAL on a bus for a 5-6 hour bus ride back to Kampala. Of course first, we have to do lunch and it’s almost two o’clock, we have a hour to eat, and 1 ½ hour drive to the next town so that we can catch a bus that goes straight to Kampala, Well, kind of straight, at least we won’t have to change buses.  By the time we do all of this it’s almost 6 pm before we are on the bus and on our way. Now I have to say that this is the nicest bus I’ve ever been on in Africa, so this bus ride was not normal! Everything was pretty good, just a long 6 hours. The good news is that I’ll get a day of rest on Monday and then spend Tuesday with Caleb a friend here in Kampala, before I catch my next bus to Mbala to spend a few days with my old friend Bishop Gogo.

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Log Entry: Saturday 10/13/2018

Saturday is a rest day until around 8:00 pm when I’m speaking to a couples group about marriage You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Me talking to couples about marriage?  God does have a sense of humor!! The crazy thing is Pastor Gordon said it was one of their best meetings!!!! It seems that God was serious about “when we are weak then He is strong”!!!

Now by this time I’m not sure if I’m coming or going or if I’ve left.  I go to bed exhausted mentally, spiritual and physically, knowing that I’ve got to preach two sermons back to back starting at 8:00 am and I have no idea what I’m going to say.

As always, your prayers are appreciated and greatly needed!

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Log Entry: Friday 10/12/2018

Friday, we had a great time with the students and I got the grand tour of the school. All in all it’s a very nice school.

We have lunch and head back to Kabwobe where I’m supposed to speak at a all night prayer service at 10:00 that night. We lost the Reverend.  He has family in the Rwentobo area so he was spending a few days with his family.

We get back to Kabwobe in time for a little rest at the hotel before going to dinner. By the time we eat dinner it’s pretty late so we head over to where they are having the prayer meeting.  When we pasted the church I was a little surprised but this is Africa, so I never really know what’s going on. We go just pass the church to a school that has a large enclosed courtyard. It’s a really large court yard and it’s full of people a whole lot of people!!!!! There’s somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 people at this thing, and they have been here for a couple of hours worshiping and listening to different speakers.

Rev. Gordon is speaking when we get there and when he finishes they set up for Holy Communion at a little past 10, so I’m thinking that I’m off the hook for the night. TIA, NOPE it doesn’t work that way. At 12:00 am I’m its my turn to  preach.  I preach about the faithfulness of God and fanning the flames of revival. Seems like I’ve heard that statement somewhere.

At 1:30 am they show me mercy and send me back to the hotel, most of the people stayed all night. Now about this time, I’m wondering what in the world am I doing here.  These folks need to speaking into my life, and I suppose that they are by their very lives. It’s very humbling to be with such hungry Christians.

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Log Entry: Thursday 10/11/2018

In the morning at breakfast, I find out that we will be going to Rwentobo to meet up with Rev. Medad at the World Shine school. This is the place that Bishop Jones took a team last spring so I finally have some idea of where I am at.

It’s a pretty good ride from Kabwobe to Rwentobo so we get there around 1:00 pm and catch up with Rev. Medad at the school for a few minutes. He was still involved in meetings so we head off to the hotel for a little rest until around 5:00 pm when I’ll be speaking with the staff at the school.

5:00 rolls around  and I meet with around 25 teachers to talk about the importance of them being filled with the Holy Spirit and leading their students into a spirit-filled relationship with Jesus.

Finally, I’m back to the hotel for dinner and a night’s rest. Tomorrow I get to speak to the students.

The hotel I’m staying at is a small resort. It sits on the side of a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley. The view is stunning!

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Log Entry: Wednesday 10/10/2018 Part 3

Yawn.  Stretch.  With all the travel, I’m having a hard time keeping up with where I’ve been and where I’m at.  Oh yeah, I’m supposed to speak to the leadership of the church, about 30-35 people at 8:00 pm.

8:00 pm rolls around and I’m waiting for the driver and the talkative Reverend to show up.

8:25 pm everyone shows up and off we go. This dinner is at one of the leaders home where there is about 35 people gathered for dinner. I shared with them about how import their personal relationship with Christ was and how they needed to be lead and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Finally, I get back to the hotel for some much need sleep!  It’s hard to believe I was in Kampala just this morning.

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Log Entry: Wednesday 10/10/18 Part 2

We seem to be on our way, drive a short way and hit the speed bumps eyes bouncing in your head, head hitting the ceiling and your rear ended slamming into the seat, just a normal early morning drive in Uganda.

Now my new traveling companion, the reverend, is a really nice guy but he sure can talk. I’m not sure but I don’t think that he took a breath for the first hour or so.

Just before we get out of  Kampala we stop for gas and something I thought I’d never see happened, we bought more that 50,000 sh worth of gas! We actually bought 185,000 sh worth. Will wonders never cease.

After about 3 1/2 hours on the road, we stop for a bathroom break and breakfast. I ask our driver if we have time and he says we have plenty of time. I should have known better, TIA. At 10:30 I finally ask the question, “Are we there yet?” “Huh?” “Are we there yet?” Joelle, our drive says it’s ok, not to worry, they are doing whatever it is that they’re doing’ Oh boy, TIA.

Still a little jet lagged and only 1 hour of sleep and a little bit napping, very little, between the speed breakers, pot holes, and the reverend that never stops talking in my ear, I am trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to preach on.  I don’t know anything about the group that I’m going to be addressing, things like what is the purpose of their meeting , is this a women’s group or a men’s group, is these a small group, I have know idea. The idea of knowing your audience doesn’t seem to working for me.

Finally we arrive at 11:45.  Remember I was supposed to preach at 10:00 am, TIA African time.  Man, was I in for a shock!!! The church seats 1500 and it was almost full!! Long way from Selma!!!  This was like a full blown Sunday service with at least 800 men and women! The pastor, Rev Gordon, is finishing up His sermon as we get there. After his sermon, they have a drama team do a skit. All this on Wednesday morning! What the heck is going on?

I have definitely got my I’m-in-Christ thing going on! Oh my gosh, I’ve never preached to a group this large, I’m not very well prepared, and have no idea what this pastor is expecting. So I decide that the best thing that I could do was get myself out of this.  I buy time by introducing myself and telling them that I brought them greetings from America, African are big on greetings. The whole time I’m praying my spiritual prayer, “LORD!!!!” So I told them that this wasn’t my story but His story by reading Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me, and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loves me and gave Himself up for me.

Standing there, under my breath I remind the Lord that this was His story. All I can say is that God is always faithful. Not sure what all I said but the Holy Spirit seemed to touch the people.

Before we dismissed the Holy Spirit kept prompting me to call out some words of knowledge for healing. He prompted me so much and so hard that I finally ask the pastor for permission, which he gave. So I called out 5 things that God wanted to heal and all they had to do was except. The pastor then said a few more things and then I ask if we could ask if anyone had experienced God healing and if so hold up their hands.

Now I’m hoping for a few people to hold up their hands so as to build up my faith.  Five would be awesome since I called out out 5 things. This is a little, no a lot, out of my comfort zone. There were 100-120 people that held up their hands! Lord forgive my unbelief.

After the service we went to lunch with Rev. Gordon and then checked into our hotel for a little rest before we were scheduled to have dinner with the leaders of the church that night. I was expected to give a word to them at 8:00 pm. I was VERY glad for a nap, no matter how short it was!!

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Speed breakers

You haven’t really lived until you’ve been so tired that you keep falling asleep between speed breakers only to have the brakes slammed on and you almost slam into the dash.  The other option is the driver decides they are small enough that he doesn’t need to slow down and  that’s when you’re head, that’s leaning against the window, gets rattled, bam, bam, bam against the window.  Oh don’t even think that your going to miss out on the brakes being slammed on.  Oh no, you get that too eventually.

Now if you’ve never been to Uganda, you can’t even begin believe how many or how big the speed breakers are. The trucks, buses, cars, well everything that has wheels drive as fast as their vehicle will go! So they control the speed, or I should say they try, they try really hard, to control the speed with speed breakers.  Sometimes it seems that the road is nothing but speed breakers. If you haven’t experienced them, you really can’t believe how many or how big they really are.

The way that the speed breakers are set up is with some small ones first to act as a warning about what’s coming. Now when I say small, think ridges 4 to 6 inches high and 6 inches apart with there being from 4 to 6 of them, this is just the start. Sometimes there will be just two and they will be about 4 inches high. I think that they are trying to fool you because here comes the larger ones, 4-5 about 6 inches high. They rattle your teeth and cause your eyes to lose focus and bounce around in your head! Now here comes the break slam.

Oh I forgot, between each set of breakers you are involved in some kind of a race to get to the next one. It’s not that far between the things! This race seems pointless but it’s the African way. Now comes the real speed breaker. The others were just a warning about what’s to come.  As if they are saying, “If you think these are something just wait your fixing to really see something.” BAM, the breaks go on as you’re facing what can only be described as a small HILL. This thing is unbelievable, 3-4 feet wide and 10-14 inches high.  If your driver is in a hurry you are in for it!! You are thrown up in the air and if your vehicle has a low ceiling, or your driver is in a real hurry, or he’s on his phone, BAM your head finds the ceilings but don’t worry your rear end is fixing to find the seat.

Now all off these speed breakers go all the way across the road so now you get the 4 and the 2 again. There thousands of these things. I know that without them, it would suicide to get in a vehicle and that people walking on the side of the road wouldn’t stand a chance but this Alabamian ain’t used to this!

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