Leaving On A Jet Plane…


…don’t know when I’ll be back again. Actually I do know that…I just don’t know any details. 🙂  But I’m getting ahead of myself. A friend suggested that I should start posting again, especially since I’m going back to Africa …

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You Were Where?


Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything for my blog/website and there have been a lot of things that have happened since last August, for sure. Here’s the story of one of my little adventures. I was …

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Funeral Arrangements for Ron’s Brother


Ron’s brother, Larry Roberts, passed away at 8:10 am on Monday morning. Please keep the family in prayer and feel free to text, email, facebook or post comments to Ron.  They really minister a great deal to him even though …

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Learning to Rest in His Embrace


I want to thank everyone for all the prayers for my brother and his family. There is no way that I could ever tell you or explain how much your prayers have helped and how much they mean to me. …

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Change Of Plans

Just a quick post to update you. On Sunday morning I will be going to Dodoma but not to visit the church as planned. My older brother, Larry, is in the hospital and I have decided to go to America …

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Oh My Gosh!!!!! I Am So Pumped!

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! The church here in Mwanza is way over the top! We had a four and a half hour service with great worship, about 200-250 at church. The Lord totally wrecked me. I feel like a kid in …

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I have to confess that preparing to leave Mbale to go to Dodoma, Tanzania has its moments of doubts and fears. I’ll be stay with Bishop Jackson in a small village outside of Dodoma called Homboro where I’ll be living …

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On the Move

Shortly, Ron will be finishing up his time in Mbale and moving to Tanzania for the remainder of the year.  Ron would appreciate your prayers for him as he makes this transition. Schedule June 13th (Friday) – Ron will leave …

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An Opportunity To Love


Just before going to bed Sunday night Bishop Gogo told me that tomorrow we would be going to speak at the Busamaga Secondary School which is close to his home. This is the only secondary school in the immediate area. …

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Ministering “On My Own”


This was an interesting 2nd Sunday in Easter. Bishop Gogo had to go to Kampala for a House of Bishop’s meeting on Friday and Saturday and he decided to stay through Sunday. So on Saturday, Bryan and I decide to …

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