I’M BACK IN AFRICA! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that I made it back to my new home away from home, Africa, and it’s so cool!! I didn’t realize how much I missed this place until I got back, …

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My first thought on being back in the US


A lot of you have asked,     “What’s it like coming back?” or “What’s it like to be back?” Well, it’s been strange at times. The hardest thing, when I first got back, was making simple decisions. I flew into Atlanta …

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REALLY Fresh Coffee


One of the coolest things about being in Mbale is that they grow coffee here. At one time they had a large and profitable coffee growing and processing industry. Due to war and lack of government support, the coffee industry …

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Headed to the Vulcano


After an African breakfast of boiled peanuts and roasted corn, (who said breakfast in Africa was boring?) we are getting ready to head out to Mt. Elgon for the weekend.           As you may remember from …

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Breaking New Ground


Well, I’m breaking new ground for time in Africa! I’ve been here for 6 weeks! Some of my days are crazy busy but then some days are very slow and laid back, which is good. It’s giving me time to …

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Loose In Mbale

Monday I was on the loose by myself in Mbale for the first time! Ordered something to eat but I’m not sure what I ordered. Maybe this post should go in prayer requests??? I got loose on Tuesday also. It …

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Something Green


Monday eating scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and something green.  Here’s a picture.

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Mushroom Soup


Mabel’s business raising mushrooms to sell in Mbale is quite prosperous.  She sells as many mushrooms as she can grow and makes me this wonderful mushroom soup almost every day!!  Who would have guessed that I would find THE BEST …

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Clergy Wages


It’s around 11:00 Wednesday morning here. I just got back home from speaking at a school close to Bishop’s house. It was about a mile away so we had a nice morning walk. A young man that teaches at the …

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Girl’s Home and Fish


Sunday June 3, 2013 I went with Caleba, Vickie and Peace to the the girls home in Entebbe and then to the beach for fish. They have 11 girls at this home who are maybe 14 to 18 years old. …

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