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Seeing the Power of God

I think that we all have days and maybe months or even years when we have doubts about what we are doing. I can tell you that going to Africa doesn’t make those doubts end! As a matter of fact, they still overwhelm me at times. This has been the struggle that I’ve had for … Continue reading »

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Birthday Reflections

Getting older can tempt you to be kind of sad as you realize that you can no longer do some of the things that you did as a younger person and you find that you have a few more aches and pains for your birthday. Sometimes as I’ve reflect on my life and realized that … Continue reading »

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The Joy of His Salvation

Well, it’s the first Sunday of Lent and it’s also my first Sunday back in Africa. How cool is that?! And on top of that, I got to preach today for the first time since I’ve been back. The Lord was gracious in letting me worship with a CEC church here in Kampala. It was … Continue reading »

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Be Intentional in Your Longing

“What God wants you to do is long after Him and then He will give you the love in your heart.  It will flow naturally into the situation that you are in.  You may not be called to Africa.  It’s not where you are at, it’s where you’re longing is at that matters.  Then the … Continue reading »

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I Want To Know What Love Is

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been wondering, “Do I really love God? What does that look and feel like?” Sometimes I’m sure that I love The Lord but then there are those times that I know that I don’t love Him like I should, with all my heart soul and strength. So I’ve been … Continue reading »

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