I only wanted a working phone.


Day 2: Saturday was an interesting day; well every day in Africa is an interesting day. Anyway, I was supposed to be picked up at 9:00 am to finally get my phone working. Being without a phone in Africa can …

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Kampala Adventures

Since I didn’t post before I left, some of you may not know that I am in Uganda to prepare details for a team trip. I left Wednesday 4/24/19 and the team arrives 4/30/19. My most important task is to …

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Smiles at the End of the Road


Today 11/14, I visited the school were Bishop Iraka is the head teacher. This the P1 through P6, P7 have taken their exams and are gone.  The drive there was on a long dirt road that isn’t used for much …

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Hoima to Masindi Trip 11/12/18


Monday, 11/12/18: The trip from Hoima to Masindi was another typical road trip in Africa. The vehicle for this trip was an old, 15-20 yrs, mini station wagon, not even sure what make, and let’s just say I thought that …

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Log Entry: 11/12/18 Masindi


I’m on the way from Hoima to Masindi this morning.  This is our car. Notice the rear is sitting all the way down.  No one is in the car because we broke down just outside of Hoima. The car just …

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Bundibugyo to Hoima 11/5/18

We left Bundibugyo on Monday Nov. 5th at around 7:30 am headed to Hoima. The drive around and up the mountain to Fort Portal is a beautiful drive, especially early in the morning. The road is fairly new and still …

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Log Entry: Sunday 11/4/18 20th Anniversary


Sun, Nov 4 Well today is the big day celebration for 20 years in the CEC. Yesterday, I was supposed to stay in Bundibugyo to talk to the clergy but it began to rain early and in rainy season that …

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11/2/18 trip to Bundibugyo


We left Jinja at 4am headed for Bundibugyo and before we got out of town it started to rain. The only thing worse than driving at night in Africa is driving in the rain at night! I’ve never traveled at …

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Log Entry 11/1/18 The Jinja Adventure


11/5/18 I’m taking a short break in Fort Portal and have wifi so I’m finally able to send an update about the Jinja part of my trip.  Bsp Iraka and I have been in Bundibugyo for a big celebration and …

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My Time In Mbale


Tomorrow, Friday 11/2/18, I leave Jinja for Bundibugy but today I had enough downtime to catch you up a little on my time in Mbale. The trip to Mbale started out kind of sketchy and it stayed sketchy all the …

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