The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Preached!!

church in Myamhongoro2This was my 3rd Sunday in Mwanza but my first Sunday to preach at one of Bishop Sekelwa’s churches. We went to a church just outside of Mwanza in Myamhongoro. Yep, that’s a mouth full! Even Africans have trouble trying to say that name unless they from there.

We left home at around 9:15 am in order to arrive at the church on time but everyone else was late. This is Africa so you just have to learn to be flexible, really flexible. Church was supposed to start at 10:00 and we finally got started at around 10:30.

I had been struggling for about 3 days with what I was going to preach and as we started, I was still not sure where I was going to start or wind up. Fr. Allen asked what text I would be using and that forced me to make at least one decision. I went with the Gospel for the day which was Matt. 11:25-30 so I now had a starting point.

The Lord is so faithful to bring us to the end of ourselves. I had wanted to have a well prepared sermon to impress Bishop Sekelwa with but instead, here I was with a text that I wasn’t sure what to do with it. So being the spiritual person that I am, I jumped right in with a heartfelt greeting from Bishop Chuck and the church in America. Have you ever tried to make a one hour sermon out of a greeting? It’s not easy!! I gave up but only after I ran out of people to use for greetings. I then decide to stall for time by having the text read again. As Bishop Sekelwa read the Gospel reading in Swahili, I prayed. I mean, I REALLY PRAYED!!!!!

This turned out to maybe be the best sermon that I’ve ever preached! The words really weren’t my words and I have no idea how I started where I did or ended up where I did. This was one of those times when you’re preaching to yourself which causes you to repent and to enter into the place of resting in Christ and just enjoying being with Him in the moment. I was so blessed to just be there! Jesus was wanting to speak to His people.

Of course, I had to confess and repent as the sermon took its course. Repentance was a big part of the sermon; what joy there is in repentance and how it’s through repentance that we enter into His rest, and how it makes His yoke easy, comfortable and pleasant (comfortable and pleasant are in the margin of my bible for the word easy). The Lord showed us that we need to come to Him to learn what the problem is when we are burdened and depressed. The problem is usually us and we just need to refocus by repenting for getting off track and forgetting that we just need to always be resting in Him and letting Him lead the way. The most important and first thing is for us to love Him and to be caught up with love for Him, with hearts on fire with love for Him, then everything becomes so much easier.

As The Lord developed the sermon and I repented of not trusting Him and coming to Him to just love Him, I was being caught up in love for Him as He so faithfully spoke through me to bless His people. The Lord made me look awfully good. I think that Bishop Sekelwa was a little surprised. I know that I was. It seemed that a lot of the people were blessed based their responses but since they speak only a few words of English, it’s hard to tell how much they got out of the message.

We finally ended church at around 1:45 pm and then went to Fr. Allen’s home for lunch where we hurriedly ate because we had to be at a funeral by 3:00 pm.

This is was the biggest funeral that I have been to here in Africa, around 400 to 500 people. The lady that died wA small group at grave sideas a member of Bishop Sekelwa church and the funeral was at her home. After the service at the house, we drove to an area that is used for burials where there was a graveside service. Then it was back to her home where they provide food for everybody.

When we finally left for home, it was after 7:00 pm and there were 12 of us in a Toyota Land Cruiser. After dropping off a bunch of folks, we finally got home around 8:00 pm.

Mwanza_Fr_AllenOn Monday, Fr. Allen came by our house. He was talking to Bishop Sekelwa about how the support of so many of the church people had impacted the village where the funeral was held. Since the family was a part of the Bishop’s church, there had been a huge turnout of church members to help and to show support for the family. The villagers had never seen such love and support shown by a church.

Fr. Allen also shared that the people at his church were still talking about my sermon and being blessed by it.

Sunday was a long day but a good day.

More pics available on flickr in the album Mwanza Tanzania 2014 (including Fr. Allen’s newest son being blessed.)

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My First Week in Tanzania

This has been a full week!!!! We started the clergy retreat on Wednesday and my part was over on Friday, thank goodness! When we started, I was scheduled to do two sessions on Friday but we had some guest so I was able to sit out on Friday, which I was glad to do. So I ended up doing two sessions on Wednesday and two on Thursday, and then had a short recap and wrap up on Friday. Each session that I did had to be at least one hour long so for me that was a lot of speaking.

Speaking at the Tanzania Clergy Conference 2014

Speaking at the Tanzania Clergy Conference 2014

I spoke for three sessions on obedience, starting with Adam’s disobedience and ending with Jesus’s obedience. My key texts were Romans 5:12-19 and 1 Samuel 15:22-23. For my last session, I used Matthew 22:36-39 as the key for obedience. Obedience is easier if we first love the Lord with all out heart etc. and this is the place where revival starts and is sustained.

Our day would start out at 9:00 am and I would get home around 6:30-7:00 pm. Bishop Sekelwa would be even later getting home, 9:30-10:00 pm each night. Saturday was a business day for Bishop with his clergy so I had a much needed day of rest.

Sunday was all day. We got to church at 9:40 am and started in with 30 minutes of prayer then praise and worship, lots of praise and worship. We ended the service at about 2:30 pm, had a break for lunch at the church, finished up some business and recapping the week, and then ended the retreat at 7:30 pm. We finally made it home around 9:00 pm. You would think that I’m to old for this stuff, but I’m loving every minute of it!!

Sunday of the Tanzania Clergy Conference 2014

Sunday of the Tanzania Clergy Conference 2014

It was a great honor to speak to this large group of clergy, about 40-45, and their wives. I got to meet some truly amazing men and women this week.

I’ll be staying with Bishop Sekelwa for about two more weeks before I head to Dodoma to be with Bishop Jackson. We will be trying to visit as many of his churches as we can in the next two weeks. I’m really looking forward to visiting the churches of the rectors that I met this week!

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Oh My Gosh!!!!! I Am So Pumped!

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! The church here in Mwanza is way over the top! We had a four and a half hour service with great worship, about 200-250 at church. The Lord totally wrecked me. I feel like a kid in a candy store!!!!!!! They have 1 hour of prayer before they start church. About half of the church is there for the start and almost the whole church is there before they end the prayers. To say, “AWESOME!” is a vast understatement. After church, 2pm, we stayed talking and fellowshipping another hour and a half!!!!!! When we left, there were still people at the church!!!! My first Sunday in Tanzania was GREAT!!!!!!

I wandered in Mwanza today, Monday, getting my phone set up and going to the bank. It was so cool walking around and NO, I was not by myself. Oh before I forget, we stopped for coffee, Bishop loves coffee, and there were some people at the cafe that were going to go to Bishop’s office to try to have a meeting with him so we joined them. The couple that was at the table was a black lady and her husband, who is a white guy from Oklahoma!!!!!!! They have been living here since 2004. They have invited us to their home for dinner, so we are going to try to get together one day next week. Now that is way cool!!! Tanzania has started off with a bang.

We walked thru a market, a big market. I think that my neck is going to be sore from my head bouncing back and forth trying to see everything. We found a small Masai market where they were sewing their bead work right there!!!!! So cool!!! I ordered some bracelets for myself, 4 with the different colors of the liturgical seasons. They are the 1/2-3/4 inch wide leather kind and only cost $1.50 each! Freaks me out! Yes, I know I’m kind of bouncing off the walls!!

The kids here at the house are awesome! They are so friendly. I’ll be sending some pictures as soon as I can.

I couldn’t believe the building that they have, nicest that I’ve seen in Africa.

This week, I’ll be teaching sessions at the clergy retreat on servant hood and obedience so keep me in your prayers.

I’m really pumped! If I’m half this pumped in Dodoma, it’s going to be a short four months.

P.S. I just found out that I’m not speaking for two sessions, but I’m speaking for two sessions each day for three days!!!!! That’s six ONE HOUR SESSIONS! Somebody better be prayer for me for sure! We start on Wednesday.

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I have to confess that preparing to leave Mbale to go to Dodoma, Tanzania has its moments of doubts and fears. I’ll be stay with Bishop Jackson in a small village outside of Dodoma called Homboro where I’ll be living without electric power. That will take some getting used to. Homboro is around an hour to an hour and a half from Dodoma so, unlike here in Mbale, I won’t be able to just run into town whenever I want.

Yep, a lot of changes…I just didn’t know how soon they would start.

I get up Friday morning all wired up to start packing to leave on Saturday for Kampala for a week before heading to Mwanza, Tanzania to spend a couple of weeks with Bishops Sekelwa and Jackson before going on to Homboro with Bishop Jackson.

My roomHaving come back to Mbale after being here last year, it’s amazing how much stuff I have. I start going through it all, separating what I’m going to leave from what I hope to be able to take with me. I have stuff everywhere! I can hardly even turn around! My room here at Bishop Gogo’s house is small, 8×12, so there not much room to sort out stuff for packing.

Bishop Gogo sticks his head in and looks around with his eyes kind of big. He’s not saying much but I can tell that he wants to tell me something. He finally coughs and says that he just talked to Bishop Yusto, who I’ll be meeting tomorrow morning in Kampala and will be staying with for a week. So I’m like, “Cool, so what’s Bishop Yusto up to?”

Well, it turns out that Bishop Yusto will not be able to host me for the week or help get me to the airport in Entebbe! My first reaction is to FREAKOUT! What am I going to do now? As we say in Alabama, “Time to punt”.

So here I am in my room with everything half packed to leave in the morning with nowhere to go. TIA.

After giving me this bit of news, Bishop beats a hasty retreat leaving me to get used to this new change in plans. Now I had thought that Bishop Yusto and I had worked out this whole deal about me coming to stay with him a week or two ago. When we talked on Wednesday, everything seemed to be all set. My bad, I forgot, this is Africa where everything always changes at the last minute.

But, the Lord always makes a way even before we need the way. I had talked with my friend Caleb, who lives in Kampala, on Tuesday about us getting together one evening to hang out before I left for Tanzania. He asked me if I would be staying with him. I told him, “No, I will be staying with Bishop Yusto.” Yep, time for that punt.

So I’ve got a place to stay but I’ll be leavening on Wednesday or Thursday instead of Saturday.

Now what to do with all this mess in my room? Cram it all into bags and forget about it until later? Not the best idea but it kind of works, until you realize, the next day, that you’re going to have to have some of the stuff that’s been crammed in those bags, that are now in your way for the next three or four days.

I knew that Africa would be full of adventure but this was not what I had in mind.

Now it’s Saturday morning and I wake up with the old David Bowie song in my head,

Yep that seems to describe my life right now.

The thing is, I never liked David Bowie.


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God Blows Me Away!

Last Sunday near Mbale 2014This was my last Sunday with Bishop Gogo so it was a little sad but still good. We went to the small church in Nabumali where Bishop Gogo is going to build his cathedral. This is the church that I’ve preached at the most since I’ve been here both this year and last year. It was starting to feel like my home church here.

I really didn’t preach today. I just shared how much they have come to mean to me and how much they mean to our Father. It was a time of saying goodbye and they were very encouraging with their love for me.

At the end of the service, we had a time to pray for people. A lady that looked very sick and could hardly hold her head up had come into the service late. She was wearing a jacket and could barely keep her eyes open. She came forward for prayer so we asked, “What’s wrong?” Have you ever had one of those times when you wished that you hadn’t asked the question? Well, this was one of those times for me. She was pregnant and having problems, very severe problems, like needing to be in the hospital right now problems. If we had been in America, I would have been taking her to the hospital and would have prayed on the way.

Well, we didn’t even have a way to take her so we kind of had to pray for her. I started thinking, “She’s going to be OK but she sure doesn’t look OK.” So being a great man of faith, I started thinking that it was just wishful thinking. Then I was just hoping she didn’t die! We got through praying and she went back to her seat looking worse not better. Then for some reason, maybe denial, I forgot about her. We finished up, took a few photos and we were getting our stuff together when Bishop Gogo called out to me. He pointed at Yvonne, the lady we prayed for. YvonneShe was sitting up, her head was up, her eyes were open and she looked a lot better! She said she felt fine now like it was no big deal, like this is normal or something!!! I feel OK now. See you later. I’m going home to cook!!!! Are you kidding me?!!!!

Wow, when God shows up, He just blows me away with this stuff!!!

Pretty good Pentecost Sunday in Nabumali!!!!!!!

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On the Move

Shortly, Ron will be finishing up his time in Mbale and moving to Tanzania for the remainder of the year.  Ron would appreciate your prayers for him as he makes this transition.


June 13th (Friday)
– Ron will leave Mbale to go to Kampala to visit with friends and minister.

June 15th (Sunday)
– Ron will preach at a church in Kampala and hopes to be able to meet with clergy to encourage them before heading to Tanzania.

June 21st (Saturday)
– Ron flies to Mwanza in Tanzania on the shore of Lake Victoria where he will be staying with Bishop Sekelwa.

June 24th-28th (Tuesday – Saturday)
– Ron will minister with Bishop Sekelwa at a clergy retreat after which he will spend one or two weeks with Bishop Sekelwa visiting his churches.

July -November
– Sometime in July Ron will travel by bus for 8-9 hrs to Dodoma with Bishop Jackson. He will be living outside of Dodoma at Bishop Jackson’s home until early November when he returns to the US.

Prayer Requests

• Pray for peace and comfort as I’m leaving my friends here in Mbale. As I’ve been thinking about leaving and not knowing when I’ll be coming back, I’m struggling with feelings of turn my back on them.

• Pray for wisdom, God’s leading and blessing in Tanzania as I work to get my bank stuff set up and handle money issues.

• Pray for a supernatural ability to learn Swahili and the culture.

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An Opportunity To Love

Just before going to bed Sunday night Bishop Gogo told me that tomorrow we would be going to speak at the Busamaga Secondary School which is close to his home. This is the only secondary school in the immediate area. It is a community school which means that the government does not support them. They have to raise their own support, which is very hard since they are a new school which is not recognized by the government because they don’t yet meet the minimum government standards. They are hoping for the government to pick up the school in the near future, but right now they are on their own.

The students are supposed to pay 100,000 shillings a term and there are 3 terms in a year which is about $120.00 US dollars for a whole year. Right now, some of their students don’t even have that much but they try not to turn them away. They have a great group of 23 teachers that teach each week for very little or no pay. They are lucky that they have a couple of really good buildings to have their school in. Please pray for them that The Lord would provide not only money but books and supplies, as well.

Busamaga Secondary School 2014 Ron Sharing (3)We had a great time with some of the staff and the time with the students was a lot of fun. Whenever I get a chance to speak to a bunch of kids at a school it’s always a blessing. This was even more so since it was a small group of older high school age young people. When I look into their faces, I see all the hopes for their country there. These are the ones that can change Uganda into a great country. Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa. Right now, that pearl is still hidden in a shell, but with new leaders that are being led by the Holy Spirit, that pearl can be brought forth and become not only the Pearl of Africa but perhaps the Pearl of the whole world. I think so many times about the story that Jesus tells of the pearl of great price. I think that story fits Uganda and what all He has done and is doing to claim this pearl for His very own.

Busamaga Secondary School 2014 StudentsIf anyone is looking to visit Africa for a couple weeks or months and would like to help teach some wonderful kids, here is a great place to start. Their school year goes thru what the US calls summer. They are still in school for May through September so it would make a great summer trip for a teacher or someone studying to be a teacher.

The school is at the foot of Mt. Elgon just outside of Mbale so it’s easy to get to and in a very safe and beautiful area. It’s not too far out but not in a big city. If I’m not here, Bishop Gogo would love to have some people stay with him and would help make all the arrangements. He would help take care of you and show you around the area.

If any one would like any more information just let me know and I’ll fix you up. It’s one of those things that will change your life. So there you go, a shameless plug for the people that I’ve come to love.


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Seeing the Power of God

I think that we all have days and maybe months or even years when we have doubts about what we are doing. I can tell you that going to Africa doesn’t make those doubts end! As a matter of fact, they still overwhelm me at times. This has been the struggle that I’ve had for the past week or so.

As my time here in Mbale grows short, I have had lots of doubts about what I’m doing. It doesn’t seem like I’ve done much while I’ve been here. Africa can totally overwhelm you. The needs are so great that you know that there is no way that you can even make a dent. Anything that you do is just a drop in the ocean. Even after I’ve ministered and it seems like God has been present, I’m never sure. I’ve really had to learn to have faith that God is working. But I still have those doubts about if I’m really doing what God wants me to be doing. I wonder if maybe I should be back in America working to support someone else that could do a better job and bring more help to the people I have fallen in love with. It’s VERY easy to see your failures and sometimes hard to see the things that God is doing.

On this Ascension Sunday, the Lord has reminded me that, yes, I’m where He wants me to be. I’m just the sower and that He does everything else!!! How did He do that? Well let me tell you how!!!! Yes, I’m a little pumped after seeing the power of God manifested today. Just check out the pictures.

Ron and family he prayed for(2)On Saturday we had a long day ordaining 7 deacons so we stayed home on Sunday and had church here at Bishop Gogo’s house. As we got started, we had a mommy and her four children with us for the first time. I thought that I should know them but wasn’t sure. Well, I did know them but had not seen them since sometime in March. They are the family that I prayed for when I first got back to Mbale. I had also prayed for them last year. After I had prayed for them in March I found out that they were Muslims. They were all sick and the husband could no longer work and they could hardly sleep because of demons attacking them at night. We prayed for God to heal them, to stop the demons from attacking them, and to set them free. Now this was before I knew that they were Muslims. If I had known that they were Muslims, I probably would have gotten all spiritual, I’m sure, and would have told them that they would need to renounce being a Muslim then God would set them free and heal them. I even thought about the next time they came for prayer that I would have to explain to them that to be truly healed and set free they would need to become Christians and about how staying Muslim would only invite the demons back into their home. So when I recognized who they were my first thoughts were, “Oh Lord, here we go again! How do I explain the finer details of the Faith to them?!”

In African churches, there is usually a time of testimonies and, after several testimonies, this lady stands up and begins to thank The Lord!!!!!! Now my head is spinning and my doubts are in full bloom. I mean is she thanking her Muslim god or what? I start really listening to what she’s saying so that I’ll be able to straighten her out about who set her family, ALL OF THEM, free and healed them!! That’s when God started to just blow my mind. She was praising Jesus for coming and touching her family, healing them and freeing them from the demons that had been attacking them!! Not only did He set them free and heal them of sickness but He is now coming into their hearts and truly setting them free!! Then Bishop Gogo explained to me that it was because of me being there to pray for them that they have begun to meet the living Christ. They now want to be Christians and are talking with him about what that means. They no longer worship as Muslims. They now worship as Christians and are coming into a real relationship with Jesus!!!!

So once again I’m reminded that it’s not about me and what I’m doing or not doing, but it really is about just hanging in there, doing the little that I can, which may even be doing nothing, and looking to Him. In the Gospel this Sunday, John 17:1-11, verse 1 says that Jesus lifted up His eyes to heaven. That is the lesson that I need to learn, to just simply keep my eyes lifted up to heaven. Who knows what other cool things I might get to see God doing?

This family has been freed of demons, is healed, and the dad is now able to work all because of the faithfulness of Jesus and His love for them!

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Deacon Ordinations 2014

image(3)On Saturday, May 31, 2014, I had the privilege of preaching the homily for the ordinations of seven men that I did some training with last year here in Mbale. This was my first African ordination service so it was interesting to say the least.

The ordination was held in Bishop Gogo’s backyard. He had a tent put up and chairs for 100 people. As with all things African, it was a kind of chaos – definitely not controlled chaos but not total chaos…but it was close.

The service was supposed to start at 10:30 but, as with all African time, that was just a general time. They didn’t even start putting up the tent until around 9:45. Now, I’ve been in Africa long enough to know that when Bishop Gogo said that we would start at 10:30 that that wasn’t going to happen. I laughed and said that I thought that it would be closer to 11:30 than 10:30 but he said no that we had to start at 10:30. I must admit that I did put on my pants and shirt at 10:30, until then I had been running around in shorts and t-shirt with flip flops.

At 11:10, we were still short one of the guys that was getting ordain. He finally showed up at around 11:20. It was Abraham, who happens to be one of the littlest guys, so it was kind of fun to watch the African clergy try to help him get dressed and ready to go. At one point, I was sure that his head was now on backwards. As we are starting to process out of the house, they are still finishing him up. It’s now 11:40 and I’ve got Bishop Gogo laughing over the time. Hey, I was impressed. I was really expecting around 12:30.

Another thing that you have to get used to in Africa is cell phones. If you think cell phones are a problem in America, you have no idea! Nobody turns off their phones here. I mean nobody! So you can be right in the middle of something and a cell phone goes off. I know you’re saying, “That happens here.” Well, this is different. The cell phone maybe one of the clergy and they will answer it and talk on it. If it’s the clergy that’s speaking, he will try to get off the phone by telling them something like, “OK, OK, sure, I’ll call you back.” Now if it’s a Bishop, he may talk a little longer. If they, the clergy or Bishop, are not the person who’s speaking to the group at the moment, they most likely will just go ahead with their conversion. This is Africa or simply put, because you will say this many, many times, TIA.

This was a slow day for phone calls. Bishop Gogo only got about 5 in a four hour service. Shoot, I don’t even notice the calls unless they are the person speaking, in which case it’s hard to not notice when they stop speaking to answer the phone.

Now if you let it, it can be hard on your ego when 10% of the folks are on their phones talking! If you ever thought that you had some great message or something cool to share, that’s when you’re brought back to earth really quickly. At least my INTERPRETER didn’t get a phone call. If he had, he would have answered it. I’ve had that happen! That really throws off your pace.

I think that I had a pretty good homily. If not, then my interpreter must have had a good one because everybody seem to like it. With an interpreter, you just never know.

Well in spite of a late start, a little rain and cell phone calls, Bishop got all the guys ordained. I think that this is a good group of guys who will do a good job serving Bishop Gogo and the church in the Mt. Elgon Diocese.

After the service, they had a reception here at the house so then we had another kind of chaos, feeding between 100 and 120 guests. If you’ve never seen Africans around free food and a ton of if it, it’s a sight to behold. I am always amazed at how much food some of these little Africans can eat. I’m seriously thinking about traveling and sponsoring Canon Richard in some eating contest around the world. This guy is may be 5’ 4” to 5’ 6” and weighs maybe 150 wet but he can eat 3 or 4 times what most people eat. He is amazing to watch.

To say that it was a long day is a bit of an understatement. We had 10 to 14 people sleeping here and Mabal had her help up at 4:00 am hauling water and getting fires going to start cooking. Then came the 4 hour service followed by 3 1/2 to 4 hours of food and all kinds of other chaos going on. I finally got to bed around 10:00 pm.

At the end of a day like this, you just have to say, “This is Africa.”

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Revival Fires Burning in Jinja

Jinja church 2014 2Sunday, May 25, 2014 we visited Holy Trinity Church in Bufuula, Uganda north of Jinja in The Source of the Nile Diocese. This is one of the churches that Archbishop Jones and the team visited in March. We saw God move in power with many people being healed so I was anxious to get back to see if the fires of revival where still burning.

The church normally has around 100-120 for Sunday service but there had just been two deaths in the surrounding area so a lot of the church members had gone to comfort the families. They are a church that is growing and making an impact in the surrounding area and the people are still praising the Lord for all that He did during the team’s visit.

The team prayed for an old lady that could barely walk and was no longer able to cook or take care of her family. Her husband was there praising God because He had healed her. Now she can walk fine and is able to cook and take care of their home. He is very happy to be getting good meals again!

I asked about another old lady that the team had prayed for who could barely walk and was bent way, way over leaning on a stick. God had touched her and she was healed, started walking upright, threw away her walking stick and rode off on a motorcycle. The pastor of the church told me that she is still doing great and still walking upright with out the help of a stick! Now that is cool.

Jinja song bookThe service was awesome! The worship was great. They have old hymn books in their own language and they love to sing. With the men singing, it was awesome! Since we had two Bishops, Bishop Lubogo and Bishop Gogo, the service was four and a half hours long.

As the guest preacher at a service that has already been going on for three to three and a half hours, who was already wet from sweating and getting hotter by the minute, I sure wanted to shorten up my homily! It was a bright sunny day so the church, which has a metal roof, was heating up. When I stood up I felt like my brain was frying. I was trying to figure out how to preach lying down!

(Right now their building is made of mud with a metal roof but they own their land and have plans to build a brick and concrete building. They already have a few materials. Please keep them in your prayers.)

As you know, the Lord very rarely lets me take the easy route so I didn’t get to lay down or shorten my homily, instead I think that it may have even been a little longer than I had planned. My word was on abiding in Him in order to have sustainable revival and to be able to walk in signs and wonders, seeing God performing miracles of healing in their church. I touched on a few other things and then collapsed back in my chair needing water! Now I was thinking that if they were half as hot as I was, they must be hating me by now. It was going on two o’clock and you could not only fry eggs on the metal roof but you would burn bacon if you weren’t careful!

I think that the Lord must have blessed my word because they seemed to like it. A few people even had something to share about what I had said and the service last another 30-45 minutes.

We left home at 7:00 in the morning and got home at 6:00 that night. A long but a good day.

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